A History Tour

The historical center in Pesaro is interesting for cultural itineraries in history and art. Only a 10 minute walk from the Hotel and you can enjoy ancient  settings like the Ducal Palace and Rocca Costanza built in the year ‘400  in  defense to the town.

Any age group can have fun

A 10 minute stroll from Hotel delle Nazioni you will find the Palla di Pomodoro, a sculpture of contemporary art chosen as symbol of Pesaro. The surrounding square is a pleasurable meeting point for adults and youngsters and in the summertime many events take place in this square.


Villa Imperiale is one of the most beautiful Villas of the Renaissance period: situated amidst the landscape of the Natual Park “Colle San Bartolo”, this villa has 8 rooms with stunning frescos painted by followers of the famous artist Raphael. The architecture and gardens have been made in the XVI century on behalf of the request of the Dukes of the Della Rovere Family. The Villa is a perfect scenario between nature and architecture.

Villa Caprile. With its beautiful historic gardens, Villa Caprile offers water games that will surprise all visitors with its unexpected water spurts. This antique structure dates back to the year 1646, year in which the Marquess Mosca Family commissioned to build this summer residence on the hills of Pesaro. Inside the Villa you can admire the beautiful frescos representing mythological subjects-8 rooms have been renovated in 1797 by Ubaldo Geminiani, student of Giannandrea Lazzarini