Pesaro and its hinterland are steeped in history and charm

You’re bound to fall in love with Marche, a region home to both sea and mountain views, art and local food events...

Welcome to Pesaro, a city embraced by the Adriatic Sea and nestled between two green promontories leading down to the sea: Monte San Bartolo and Colle Ardizio.

There’s more than just a beach to explore!
There are also plenty of cultural events, unusual sights, and outdoor activities. Without ever compromising on flavour!

Italian Capital of Culture 2024, the city and its hinterland are an open-air museum home to Roman archaeological remains, fortresses, and splendid Renaissance palaces. There are plenty of things to do in the region, including hiking and mountain biking, as well as relaxing by the sea, of course.

One Hotel, a thousand wonderful ways to enjoy your holiday between culture, shopping and nature.

Marche was ranked second in a list of the ten best regions in the world by the Lonely Planet in 2020

✔ Inside the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, which frames Pesaro on the north side, there is a small village/jewel: Fiorenzuola di Focara, named Borgo Ospite, from "The most beautiful villages in Italy". A visit is recommended: the view is breathtaking!

✔ The Renaissance painter Raphael was born in one of the most beautiful villages in Marche: Urbino, whose historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a treasure that boasts decades of history in art and architecture. Don't miss the Palazzo Ducale, Casa di Raffaello, Oratori dei Fratelli Salimbeni, or S. Chiara Monastery.

✔ Within a few minutes' drive from Pesaro you can reach Fano, famous for its carnival, which is the oldest in Italy. Porta Maggiore, a symbol of the city, welcomes you and marks the gateway to the old town. The latter, together with the walls built by Augustus himself, testify to the presence of the Roman Empire.

✔ Heading north, why not visit the “Village to Beat All Villages” of 2018  Gradara. Do you know the story of Paolo and Francesca? The setting of their ill-fated love story is Rocca di Gradara, the Magic Castle. You can still visit some of the rooms of the castle and marvel at enchanting views of the Marche-Romagna coastline from the guards’ walkways.

✔ Even further north, in the Emilia-Romagna region, is yet another fortress: San Leo. Built on Montefeltro, it stands on an enormous rocky boulder at 583 metres tall. It was the setting of civil and military battles for millennia and under papal rule, the fort was even turned into a prison. In fact, it was where the Count of Cagliostro was imprisoned, who died there in 1795. The parish church, now home to the Museum and Art Gallery, and the cathedral are definitely worth a visit.

✔ Another gem in the Marche region is Conero Natural Park, which overlooks the sea. It is a spectacular and unique place on the Adriatic Riviera. Small white pebble beaches boast uniquely coloured sea waters.  It is impossible to resist the wonder of this natural park.


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