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Welcome, you are directly on the sea

You can get to the beach from the hotel without having to cross any roads...

Recharge as you soak in the scent and sea breeze. Move to the rhythm of the waves. Let us take you on a journey to explore what makes us that extra bit special. The town centre and its monuments, architecture, and events that tell the story of this city and its natural beauty are just a quick walk away.


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Cycling Services

Active, emissions-FREE holidays: Pesaro is the #cityofcycling

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Activities and the local area

Explore the charm of Pesaro, between the sea and the hinterland with day trips, sports activities, and entertainment for all.

A world beyond the sea

All 1 step away from us

  • 0 meters from the beach
  • 500 meters from the center
  • 1,8 km from the station
  • 1.5 km from the Rossini Theater