Services in hotel

We run a family business. The ownership  with exquisite taste has  recently renovated  the premises  and re-organized the  management of  the hotel. The added value to our hotel is the following: wellness, quality, hospitality and respect for our guests and for the environment.

We pay particular attention to the sanitisation of the hotel, thanks to the Ozone generator, which disinfects both hotel-rooms and other spaces. It sanitizes and eliminates bad smells and pathogens, to ensure the health of the guests.

The rooms, modern and renovated, all use energy-saving light-bulbs. The electronic opening and closing system of the rooms are optimized in such a way that upon leaving the room, lights will automatically turn off and the air conditioner or heating system will run on an energy saving system.  Courtesy sets in the bathroom are with ecological soaps for the wellness of your skin and for the environment. Free water at the restaurant tables respond  to  regulations imposed by the Ministry of Health  – available for all clients. We deal with a few local suppliers at 0 km  to limit pollution. Recycling bins are in the halls-  you will find  waste-bins for paper, plastic, glass and cans.

In sharing  our environmental policy to avoid  frequent changes of towels, just hang them up; they shall be changed if left on the floor.

My passion for Hospitality,
Signed  Loredana Ceccarelli